Mathematics @ Nye

  1. #1 Math Practice Site IXL: Math Practice for grades K-6th.
  2. 2nd Grade Math Sites: Second grade skill builders-interactive sites
  3. 2nd Grade Subtraction: Two digit regrouping subtraction
  4. A+ Math Games: Play Matho (like Bingo), Hidden Picture, and concentration.
  5. Allmath: Math tools such as flash cards and metric converters..
  6. Change Maker Game: Figure out how much change to expect back when you pay for something.
  7. Coin Combo Game: Making coin combinations to beat the clock.
  8. Counting Money: Making change.
  9. Counting Money: Count money.
  10. Cuisinaire Kids Page (some science links)
  11. Flashcards for Kids: Fun educational math drills.
  12. Fresh Baked Fractions: Play fraction games with a dog named Fraction Jackson.
  13. Geometry Play fraction games New
  14. Grade K-2 Teachers Activities/Projects
  15. Harcourt Math Page Password is andrews
  16. Lightning Rod Sheets Print out a copy of the Lightning Rod Worksheet to practice at home
  17. Line Jumper: (Primary) It's a number line. Click on the number line at the correct answer.
  18. Math Baseball: Score runs with your math skills.
  19. Mathletics: Practice or take quiz on (money value, geometry, order, perimeter) Must read.
  20. Math Forum: Need homework help? Ask Dr. Math, weekly/monthly challenges, tips and tricks
  21. Math Forum Grade Pre-Kindergarten Teacher's Place
  22. Math Forum Grade K-2 Teachers Page
  23. Math Playground New
  25. Power Football: Score points with your math skills.
  26. Quia!: Different kinds of fun math drills.
  27. Room 108: learn multiplication, addition, and play other math games.
  28. Stanley Park Chase: Help Dexter find the gold he buried with multiplication.
  29. Tessellations Math Forum printable directions and lessons
  30. Tessellations Interactive tessellations
  31. Tessellations Interactive tessellations by Nrich math
  32. Tessellations interactive tessellations and simulations
  33. Tessellations virtual manipulatives scroll down to tessellations
  34. Tessellations origin tessellations powerpoint
  35. Tessellations Interactive tessellations (very cool)
  36. Tumbleweed's Math Maze Game: Addition/Multiplication maze game. (Easy, medium, hard)
  37. US MINT Kids-Pocket Change Generates interest in coins, the United States Mint, and U.S. history.
  38. Victoria Search: Help Victoria find her necklace with division.
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