Science @ Nye

  1. Animal Adaptations Activity
  2. Animal Adaptations How animals survive in their environment
  3. Animal Adaptations 2 Adapting is a matter of life and death for animals
  4. Animal Planet
  5. Aquarium in Monterey Bay
  6. Aquarium in Oregon Coast
  7. Bat Quest In search of Stellaluna
  8. Butterfly Gallery Fun and Games
  9. Butterfly Rainforest Discovery Games Research & Collections, Images & Games
  10. Butterfly Games Fun and Games
  11. Cool Science for Curious Kids Exploring the science of biology for kids
  12. Dirtmeister's Science Report: Meet "Dirtmeister," making science fun
  13. Discovery Online: Shark Week!
  14. Ducks: All About Ducks for Kids
  15. Ducks: Breeds of Ducks
  16. Ducks: Ducks at a Glance
  17. Ducks: Ducks Unlimited
  18. Ducks: Pictures and Breeders
  19. Dust: A physics simulation game
  20. Earthquakes: Global Earthquake Response Center
  21. Earthquakes-FEMA: FEMA Kids Earthquakes
  22. Ecosystems: Biomes, rain forests, forests, habitats
  23. Ecosystems: Major Biomes
  24. Ecosystems: Biomes-Great site for kids with more than 50 links
  25. Ecosystems: What's It Like Where You Live?
  26. Ecosystems: Do you know what an ecosystem is?
  27. Ecosystems: Nature Works
  28. Ecosystems: Earth on the Edge
  29. Ecosystems: Endangered ecosystems
  30. Ecosystems: Geography 4 Kids
  31. Ecosystems: What is a biome?
  32. Ecosystems: Our Wild Neighbors (Alaskan ecosystems)
  33. Ecosystems: Southern California Ecosystems
  34. Energy Conservation: Kids Zone
  35. Energy Water Conservation: Play the Tip Tank Game
  36. Energy: Recycle City
  37. Energy: Energy Kids Page
  38. Energy: Energy hogs for kids
  39. Energy: Energy Quest
  40. Energy: Kids Recycle Page-Tools for Zero Waste
  41. Energy: Kids Recycling Page
  42. Energy: Recycling Just for Kids
  43. Energy: Renewable, geothermal, wind and games to test your knowledge.
  44. Energy-Light and Color: Dr. D Lab of Light and Color
  45. Energy-Light and Color: PBS Light and color
  46. Energy-Light and Color Absorbtion: Wind in motion and more online games
  47. Environment: Environment and research links
  48. Exploratorium: The museum of science, art, and human precipitation.
  49. Facts About the Great White Shark
  50. Forest-Rainforest Action Network: Check out the kids corner
  51. Fossils: Dino Dig: Find fossils all over the world
  52. Harcourt Health
  53. Harcourt Science
  54. Heart-An Online Exploration
  55. Heart-Amazing Heart Facts: facts about the human heart
  56. Heart-Brain POP: Heart movie, facts, games, and more
  57. Heart-Kids Health: Facts about the heart with links to help you find the answers
  58. Human Body Systems Human Body Links for Grade 5
  59. Kelp Forest:Living Harbor Rocky reefs and kelp beds.
  60. Learning Studio@The Exploration: Science explorer, online exhibits, and more!
  61. Mixtures and Solutions Rags to Riches
  62. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: Earth and space science.
  63. NASA for Students: Earth and Space data, pictures, read stories, play lots of fun games!
  64. NOVA Online:Island of the Sharks
  65. Nutrition: My Plate
  66. Nutrition: Calories Burned Calculator.
  67. Nutrition: Check My Plate Activity (Is your plate balanced and healthy)
  68. Nutrition: Color Your Plate
  69. Nutrition: Family Zone
  70. Nutrition: Food Fun from Apples to Zucchini
  71. Nutrition: Fresh for Kids.
  72. Nutrition: Fruits and Veggies
  73. Nutrition: Fruits and Veggies More Matters
  74. Nutrition: Harvest of the Month.
  75. Nutrition: My Plate: Do you choose healthy meals?
  76. Nutrition: Nutrition Exploration
  77. Nutrition: Producepedia.
  78. Nutrition: USDA Snap Ed Connection.
  79. Nutrition: The Bodies Game: Race to give the bodies the correct healthy foods.
  80. Peanut FAQs Facts about peanuts
  81. Planets: Links to many site about the planets
  82. Planets: Nine Planets: Check out the cool pictures and super cool facts
  83. Planets: Nine Planets Kids: How many planets? Cool pictures and super cool facts
  84. Rock Formations, Animals & Plants Photos and descriptions of plants, animals, and rocks
  85. San Diego Zoo: Look at beautiful animals from The World Famous San Diego Zoo!
  86. Science Explorer: Find fun science activities and experiments for young scientists!
  87. SEA WORLD: Lots of resources if you click on educational resources and animal resources
  88. Shark Research Program at the University of Florida
  89. Sharks Friends
  90. Virtual Field Trips-Environments: Click on the bus and take a field trip
  91. Water-CNN Cape Town water Crisis:
  92. Water-Drought Conditions Across the West:
  93. Water-Reclaimed Water Risk to Health?:
  94. Water-Reclaimed Water Safe to Drink?:
  95. Water-Recycled Water:
  96. Water-Recycling Benefits:
  97. Water-Recycling Brochure:
  98. Water-Reuse & Recycling:
  99. Weather-UM: Find out the weather around the United States.
  100. Weather-Web Weather for Kids Tornados, blizzards, hurricanes, lightning
  101. Weather-Weather Whiz Kids: Created by a meteorologist for kids.
  102. Weather-Weather Channel Kids: Types of winter storms.
  103. Weather-Dangerous Weather: Looking out for dangerous weather.
  104. Weather-Drought What are droughts?
  105. Weather-Floods: Floods cause and effect .
  106. Weather-Floods: How floods work.
  107. Weather-Hurricanes: Severe weather hurricanes
  108. Weather-Hurricanes: Brainpop hurricane activities.
  109. Weather-Weather Systems of the Earth: All weather systems
  110. Weather-Lightning: Zaps from the sky.
  111. Weather-Lightning: National geographic.
  112. Weather-Thunderstorm & Tornadoes: How they are formed games and activities.
  113. Weather-Tornadoes: Lots of tornado links
  114. Weather-Tornadoes: Kids Konnect tornado sites.
  115. Weather-Tsunami Visualtions: See formation of tsunamis.
  116. Weather-Tsunamis: How tsunamis are formed (elementary version).
  117. Whales
  118. Welcome t Whales in the Classroom
  119. White Shark Central
  120. World Almanac for Kids
  121. Zoom Dinosaurs: Learn all about dinosaurs and play interactive dinosaur games.
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