SBAC 2014

Smarter Balance

SBAC@Nye 2013-2014


  • There is a sample test that students can preview, select Training Test. (Type: GUEST, GUEST, and then type in the session ID)
  • The day of test students select Smarter Balanced Secure Browser from Testing Device


Teachers should watch the tutorials at least 5 days prior to testing, no password necessary to view tutorials.

See Resources and Documentation for supporting materials related to the Practice and Training Tests, including information about other devices supported for testing.

  1. TA Training and Practice Site
  2. Practice Tests and Rubrics
  3. Classroom Activity Administration Guidelines
  4. Manuals and User Guides
  5. Classroom Activities
  6. Scoring Guides
  7. Performance Task Writing Rubrics
  8. 2014 SBAC Field Test Time Charts
  9. 2014 SBAC FT Terminology
  10. 2013-14 CAASPP Accessibility Matrix
  11. Smarter Balanced - Teachers
  12. 2014 SBAC FT Content Area Assignment2014 SBAC FT DFA
  13. Creating a Test Session-Job Aid

It's critical that teachers know how to set up the testing session in (TIDE) and monitor student testing.

To Begin Each Test

  1. The day of testing teachers must set up a test session (generating a test ID#) for testing their class.
  2. Students Click Smarter Balanced Secure Browser to Begin Test
  3. Teacher/Test Administrator Click HERE to start Test Session

Prior to scheduled testing date, there are sample tests that teachers and students should preview. To preview select Training Test. Enter GUEST in each of the 3 fields. If you would like to preview tests at home remember to use Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

Additional Support

Nye Teachers here is a complete list of all tutorials:

It's critical that teachers know how to set up the testing session in TIDE and monitor student testing prior to your scheduled test date.

SBAC Secure Browsers

(Manaully installed onto Macs and Macbooks that do not receive pushed software from SDUSD IT Dept)

Macintosh 10.4-10.5 Browsers
Macintosh 10.5-10.9 Browsers


If browsers DID NOT install during District Software PUSH or Won't SBAC Program Launch

Scenario 4:
Alternate Installation - The Smarter Balanced software did not install and is not available in Run Advertised Programs OR there is an issue with the Run Advertised Programs Installation.

Please use the following link and Job Aid to install the Smarter Balanced Software. Note: There will be no need for additional computer permissions to install this and even students can conduct the installation while logged in as needed.

Smarter Balanced Alternate Installation

Smarter Balanced Alternate Installation Job Aid


Alternate Installation:

If the installation has still not been successful after following the iPad Troubleshooting Job Aid above, then please following these instructions for the alternate installation method.


The secure browser for online testing for iPads can be downloaded from the App store.

  1. On the iPad, click here to be taken to the "AIRSecureTest" application download page.
  2. Tap or select the [Free] or [Update] button. The button will change to say [Install App].
  3. Tap or select [Install App].
  4. Enter your Apple ID password. The Apple ID password will be the same as the password used for the Mobile Device Manager.
  5. The mobile secure browser will download and install onto your iPad. Look for the AIRSecureTest icon.

iPad Troubleshooting Job Aid

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